If length does not matter, definitively a Paper Straw!

Another step forward

We must face it – we are responsible to our planet. Paper straws are one small but important step. Aiger is capable to support you in this journey by providing equipment for any type of straws – spiral, linear, two/three/multiple layers of paper and colour– the one that will appeal most to your consumers.

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Standard proven solution with three or four layers of paper with possibility for multicolours.


Simple and world-wide known solution

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Aesthetic and smooth appearance without any overlaps of paper layers.


Capable of working with variety of paper grades to provide sturdiness and positive consumer experience

Compact Solution

Equipment layout that is compact and optimized

Engineered to your purpose
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Precise cut-off/shape and length to provide a quality product for your market

Flexible Solution

Easy and fast size change of diameter and length to customize your product

Valuable Performance

High speed of efficient and automated manufacturing

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