Next Generation Tobacco Products impossible to avoid

capable to meet any trend - now and in future for non combusible stick products.

Extra Peace of Mind – The Equipment is ready-convertible to manufacturing combined multi-segment filters!
Equipment to produce your Heat=not-Burn brand - Easy, Simple and Versatile. You will be able to create your own and/or match any HnB trend on the market (3,4 or 5 segment, inductive cavity heat sticks, etc.)– Now and Future.
Premium quality for premium product is assured. Through online production close-loop control, monitoring, inspection and rejection over numerous quality parameters – paramount for uncompromising consumer experience of your HnB brand!

It’s smoke without fire

Having in mind the dynamic and fast progressing times we live in, our HnB FleX platform is in pace with them and is capable to meet any HnB product concept on the market.

full solution available
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Suitable for industrial production and/or for R&D product development

Flexible Solution

Fast size change including individual components

Engineered to your purpose
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Inline combination of components – versatility and easy to operate

Superior quality
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Quality assured for a premium market product

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